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How Freelancers are Hired at getosmosis.com

The following is an interview with the founder of getosmosis.com, detailing how we approach hiring freelancers for contract work on our CRM for proposals and questionnaires. We hope this helps freelancers by providing a window into how a startup approaches hiring out work for small projects.   What kinds of projects do you hire out?

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Getting the In on an RFP

As a freelancer, you are always looking for new work, and what better place to find some than with an RFP? But RFPs are frequently directed towards contractors that the company has worked with before, and not open to newcomers. So where do you go to get in on the RFP process? Where do you find an RFP?   Look Online.

Ariele Sieling posted this

Understanding the Components of a Request for Proposal

Before we delve too far into this topic, let's first answer the question: "Why does it matter?" What do I, as a potential consultant, care about how an RFP is structured? What difference does the proposal quality make? Why should anyone care? The answer is simple: a good RFP lays a solid foundation for the project for both the company and the consultant.

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Building a Personal Brand to Enhance your Consultancy

Goals As a software developer I’ve benefited from writing online and speaking at conferences. Your online presence has a significant impact on your ability to land new jobs or gigs, and is one of the best ways to connect you with people with similar interests. Unlike a typical job search, this effort causes companies to recruit you, who often bring interesting projects to the...

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How to Extract the Facts with a Web Design Questionnaire

Today is a good day. Your web design proposal was accepted. This means you have a new client and a new project that you can't wait to get started on. But you're anticipating a few challenges to getting going. One challenge you might face is usability : how are users going to interact with the site you're designing?

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Ten Tips for Project Scheduling

When you're a kid, it's monsters under the bed that keep you awake. As an adult, it's deadlines. But when a project is scheduled, outlined, and thoroughly planned, deadlines serve as a benchmark for progress, not a looming end date you're afraid you can't meet. Project scheduling has many different facets which vary from project to project and industry to industry, but there are are few tips...

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