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Announcing E-Signatures on Questionnaires

We're excited to announce the availability of signatures on questionnaires. If you are at the ‘team’ level or higher, you can enable this feature on a questionnaire. In addition, team accounts can now have completed questionnaires sent to a mailing list, allowing you to get your team working immediately when an order arrives.

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9 Branding Questions For Clients

Gathering client requirements is tough- you need to strike a balance between thoroughness and not overwhelming the client. Often times, clients also need time to research the information you need to be able to work for them (this is why Osmosis questionnaires are designed to be completed over a period of days or weeks). This is especially true of branding.

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Small Business Automation

Do you own or work for a small business? If so, you know that you wear many hats, and on a given day you deal with IT issues, bookkeeping, customer service, responding to new leads, and many other tasks. When you work with customers, quick and helpful responses are key to landing new sales.

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Beta Feature: Improved Analytics

We've recently been beta-testing a new feature, which shows you the type of computer your clients access content with: [advanced-analytics.png] Why do you need this? If a client views a questionnaire or proposal but doesn't respond right away, you can now tell if this was a just quick check on their phone, and reduce the agony of waiting to hear back from them.

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Announcing Dropbox Integration

Osmosis now supports integration with Dropbox. This allows you to automatically back-up questionnaires and agreements as soon as they are available. Osmosis also automatically saves file assets that your clients upload through Osmosis - this lets you provide a professional interface for your clients, while getting out of the way of you or your employees when they need to work.

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Coming Soon: Contacts, Calendars, and more...

Here at Osmosis, we're working on several exciting new features: calendaring, contacts, and additional integrations. Calendaring Have you ever had to answer questions about when a project started, and been forced to reconstruct the history from your email archive? While many people currently use the Osmosis activity stream to see real-time updates on questionnaires and proposals, this...

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