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Keeping Your Clients Happy: Clean Communication and Workflow Automation

What does a freelancer need? Clients. How do you get them? There are lots of ways--networking, the internet, RFP databases. How do you keep them? That answer is a lot more complicated.   It's one thing to get a client, but often it's not enough to just produce high quality work. Many clients expect you to have a perfect system for communicating, invoicing, accepting payment, and more.

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Using ProWorkflow with Osmosis

Osmosis now supports integration with ProWorkflow . When proposals are complete, Osmosis can copy contact information, create a project, and create invoices ready to send the client. To set this up, you can go to your integrations page : Select the "Connect to ProWorkflow" button: Enter your connection details for ProWorkflow: This will verify that your credentials are correct, after...

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A Simple Guide to Invoicing for Freelancers

The most important part of being a freelancer is getting paid. There are a variety of ways to do this: some companies will pay you through a billing system, others will ask you to fill out a timesheet, and still others will need an invoice. An invoice is simply a list of services provided to your client that includes the cost for each service. Essentially, it's a bill.

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The RFP Process: It's a Jungle Out There

The quest for work is the primary occupation of every freelancer, just as stalking birds is the primary occupation of a bird photographer. Finding and applying for RFPs can be one promising way to get long-term and profitable work. But blindly applying is never a good strategy. By understanding how the process works, you can successfully navigate the RFP jungle and score the perfect contract...

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Osmosis support for Harvest Projects

We've upgraded our Osmosis integration with Harvest. If you connect your proposal account to Harvest, when a client completes a proposal, we now automatically sync the client's contact details, create a project and an invoice: Invoice creation: Project sync: Client sync: Any questions or changes? Contact support@getosmosis.com for more information.

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How Freelancers are Hired at getosmosis.com

The following is an interview with the founder of getosmosis.com, detailing how we approach hiring freelancers for contract work on our CRM for proposals and questionnaires. We hope this helps freelancers by providing a window into how a startup approaches hiring out work for small projects.   What kinds of projects do you hire out?

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