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Dig Deeper: Getting at the Needs of Your Clients

Have you ever worked on a project--like a website or mock-up--for days (or weeks even), that you were excited and passionate about? Day after day you toiled away, and then, when you presented it to your client, they said, "Is that the best you can do?" That sinking feeling of disappointment and frustration is almost too much to bear.

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Don't Let Your Money Run Away With You - Freelance Accounting

We all hate doing taxes, but thanks to modern technology, it's no longer necessary to fill out ten thousand pieces of paper with little numbers penciled in, crossing your fingers in hope that you did the math right. If there is one reason to be thankful for computers and calculators, it's taxes. The thing about freelancing is that taxes get harder.

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Tips For Getting Information From A Client

There are so many things that are like pulling teeth. Teaching your dog to sit. Getting your kid to unload the dishwasher (all the dishes, not just the top rack!). Convincing your boss that you deserve a raise. Actually pulling teeth.  But from a freelance contracting perspective, there are few things as frustrating as an endless back-and-forth attempt to get information out of a client.

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Battling Those Annoying Emails

Have you ever gotten one of those frustrating emails that asks you a bunch of questions you had already answered in the email before it? Or an email where the sender only answered one out of your three questions, so you have to reply and re-ask two of them again? Or an email where the response to your question has nothing to do with anything or is so confusing you have to initiate a...

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Tips for Managing Your Freelancing Time

There's never enough time to do everything, especially when it comes to freelancing. Between working, finding work, communicating with potential clients that may or may not actually offer you work, and taking care of normal day-to-day stuff (like showering or eating), it seems like time is always running out and leaving you with the check.

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The Cloud Doesn't Just Look Pretty: Making the Most of Information Storage

It's no question that the cloud is probably the most useful invention for freelancers since sliced bread for sandwich makers. There are few problems with using the cloud, and it makes it easy to access your work whether you are sitting in a coffee shop, working on a train, or getting a few things done in your home office.

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