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Coming Soon: Contacts, Calendars, and more...

Here at Osmosis, we're working on several exciting new features: calendaring, contacts, and additional integrations. Calendaring Have you ever had to answer questions about when a project started, and been forced to reconstruct the history from your email archive? While many people currently use the Osmosis activity stream to see real-time updates on questionnaires and proposals, this...

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Improved Contacts Integration

Do you have a lot of contacts in Highrise? We've recently improved our integration, so that you can import all of your existing contacts into Osmosis. We've also allowed you to store additional contact fields in Osmosis, such as your contact's social media profiles, so that customers without a CRM can get better value from Osmosis.

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Online CRMs

CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management Software, typically facilitate communication between sales or business development staff and customers. At the most basic level this typically includes managing a database of contacts and organizing information that comes along with that: contact information, a person's position within a client or prospective client's company, their social media...

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Now Available: Chrome Plugin and log-in with your Google Account

Osmosis is now available as a Chrome extension in the Chrome App Store: Chome Extension To facilitate this integration, we've added support for logging in with your Gmail or Google Apps accounts, which helps you log in and avoid remembering passwords.

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Launchrock Competitors

Launchrock is a landing page tool to collect interest and build an audience before you launch a product. There are a few similar tools out there- notably Unbounce and LeadPages . These tools let you set up lots of landing pages for cheap (or free), collect tens or hundreds of thousands of leads, do split testing, then export into whatever the next step of your process is.

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Bulk Add Questions

Want to import questions from an existing document? You can now bulk add questions to questionnaire sections:

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