New Integration: Highrise by 37Signals

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We are proud to announce our new integration addition, Highrise from 37Signals. Having your contacts and most importantly your prospects ready to receive your questionnaires will help you save some more typing.

Connecting your Highrise account to Osmosis

This is extremely quick and simple to connect your Highrise account. Here's how you would do that.

On our integrations page: From the top-right Settings page you'll see the Integrations button. On that page you can see all our 3rd party integrations that we handle so far.

Connecting to Highrise

Click on the "Connect my Highrise button."

Give your Highrise connection information: You have to supply your Highrise URL and your API key. Those two pieces of information are very easy to get.

If you are connecting to your Highrise account via simply enter myaccount.

Fill Highrise information

The API key can be found on Your Info link under My Account once you're signed-in to Highrise.

Getting Highrise API Key

The first import: Once you click the Connect button. we'll start importing your contacts into Osmosis. We'll create clients based on the Highrise companies, and the contacts based on the people found on Highrise. This process can take up to 10 minutes.

Highrise Contact Imported

It's not only a one-time deal

On the Integrations page you have an option allowing your contacts to be synced daily. If you create a new contact or update a contact on Highrise, you'll get it automatically on Osmosis the next day.

Future enhancement

Based upon request, we could also create deals on your Highrise account for the accepted proposals. This could be handy to have all the work agreement information on your CRM as well as Osmosis. If that idea sounds great, do not hesitate to suggest it on our feedback page.

Let us know if you would like Osmosis to connect with other applications. We're actually really excited to see Osmosis being connected with all those great apps.

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