Integration with Harvest

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One of the greatest advantages of web application is system integration. Not having to re-type data that you've already typed from another web app can be a real time saver. Today, I'm proud to reveal our brand-new 3rd party integration, Harvest.

Getting your existing clients and contacts

It's hard to start using a fresh software when there's no data. Seeing a series of blank pages and lists is certainly not the best user experience. That's why we supply four pre-build client questionnaires raging from Identity design to Wordpress redesign, etc. Importing your clients and contacts is also an important part to get you started in the right direction.

As soon as you connect your Harvest account, we will import your existing clients so it should be easier and quicker to create new questionnaires and proposals for those returning clients of yours.

Creating invoices from your approved proposals.

It is certainly exciting to get your work agreements approved by your clients. Another nice thing when you connect your Harvest account is that Osmosis will be able to create invoices for you based on the financial detail part of your approved proposals. The invoice will be on your Harvest invoices' list, waiting for you to be reviewed and sent to the client.

Connect your Harvest account.

Step 1: Go to your Settings page and click on the top-right Integrations button, you will see the available 3rd party apps that we currently support. You can click on the Connect your Harvest account button.

Connect to Harvest

Step 2: Fill in your Harvest information. You can create a user on your Harvest account specially designed to act as your integration account. Make sure your Harvest URL is correct, if you are connecting to Harvest via, you have to input myname.

Fill Harvest Information

Step 3: This process can take some time. We'll import your clients into your Osmosis account. You should get a confirmation message when it's done.

Client imported

Step 4: Click on the Clients tab, you will see your clients there.

Harvest Clients

Synced Clients

We will periodically check for new clients on your Harvest account. You can see this action on your dashboard.

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