Create FreshBooks invoice from your proposals

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One great thing about all those web app integrations is that you can save time while systems exchange data instead of forcing you to type and create entities from one place to another. Osmosis can create invoices for you straight into your FreshBooks account based on the information you've added on your proposals.

Here are the complete steps with screenshots on how you would enable this. Please note that integrations are enabled only for Studio, Team and Agency plans.

Connect your Osmosis to your FreshBooks account.

The first thing to do is to authorize Osmosis to exchange data on your behalf with FreshBooks. Sign-in and go to the Settings tab at the top-right of your screen and click on the Integrations button.

We've explained the options at the top in that blog post. For now click on the Connect to FreshBooks button.

You'll have to tell Osmosis what is your FreshBooks URL. You can see this when you sign-in to your FreshBooks account, it's the part before the (i.e.

This screen authorizes Osmosis to exchange data with your FreshBooks account. You simply have to enter your FreshBooks's username and password.

After authorizing the process, your clients will be synched from FreshBooks to Osmosis. This will help if you need to send questionnaires or proposals to your existing clients.

Now let's create a new work agreement. We will pick the Design Identity template for this example.

You are now in your proposal editor. Let's add the special content type "Financial Details". Content blocks are part of sections. You can shape any type of work agreements by creating sections and adding content to those sections. We will create a section called "Financial Details".

This section is empty at the moment. Let's add a Financial Details content type. This type is a special one, each item you add to the table will be used when creating the invoice on FreshBooks.

Here I have added two lines of $2500 each and a project cost total of $5000. I've clicked the Save Changes button and the Back button to return to the proposal editor screen.

I've moved the new section above. And clicked on the Preview button.

Let's send this proposal to the client, so they will be able to review it and hopefully accept it.

This is what your client see.

Since this work agreement had the electronic signature enabled the client will be able to sign the document after clicking on the Accept button.

This is the newly created invoice on your FreshBooks account. We can see our two lines from the Financial Details content block.

You could have picked a new client on Osmosis, one that didn't existed on your FreshBooks account, and we would have created the client before assigning the invoice. You may now review the invoice and send it from FreshBooks.

If you have any questions, please make sure to make contact with us. Your feedback are crucial.

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