How to import your Microsoft Word proposal into Osmosis

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Are you creating your proposals using this method:Copy, paste and edit new proposal?

There’s a better way.

I had a Skype call with a customer recently where I was showing how they could import their Microsoft Word © proposal and create reusable template into Osmosis.

I admit I did not used MS Word that much in the last 6-7 years, being a huge fan of Google Docs, I simply had no needs to install it on my computer. I was shocked to see how much slow the loading was, moving things around, creating new document and pasting content from the last proposal etc.

I’m not saying this process cannot work. It certainly is not optimal when you have more than 5 proposals to prepare per month.

How to import your Microsoft Word © proposals into Osmosis

One way to create your templates is to have one draft per type of proposal you are sending the most. As an example you might have one the following base template: Web Development, Web Design and Mobile App.

When a new client know at your door and ask for a quote, you will be able to quickly start from one of those and apply some minor changes et voilà.

Automatic expressions replacement

You can be safe and not to worry about remaining text related to another client on your Osmosis proposal. We have special text expressions that will be replaced with the correct value when the proposal is rendered. By having the text {client-name} on your template, you are making sure that the name of the current client will be displayed. A situation that could happen when doing copy/paste proposal management.

Give it a try and see for yourself. You’ll have to invest maybe 30-45 minutes to create your templates, but once they’ll be there you’ll save more time in your first 5 proposals.

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