Add your logo to your client questionnaires

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With Osmosis you can customize the entire app to fit your brand, not just upload your logo. Now what's that mean? To start you can add your own logo to be shown on your questionnaires and work agreements. Moreover, you can set different colors that will completely change the client views of your documents.

How to do it?

Once logged in, click on the Theme tab on the top right. From there you can change the entire visual aspects of the app itself and the questionnaire / proposal's templates.

Here's a sample of a questionnaire that has been modified:

Customized Designer Client Questionnaire

Let's have a quick look at each customizable option.

Logo: This is straightforward, but you need to know that Osmosis will not resize the image that you upload. Make sure to do it before you upload anything. A good starting size could be 250x250. However, this is in no mean a requirement. Check the preview of a questionnaire and a work agreement to see the placeholder for the logo.

Background image: The background image that will be repeated on the x and y.

Background Color: This option as well as the background image can greatly help you customized the rendered template to fit your brand's main colors.

Link Color: This option is not really visible on the questionnaire since there're few links, but it is useful for the app itself. The theme options as I've said will also modify the visual aspects of the main app.

Button Background/Text: The first button that comes to mind is certainly the "I'm finished" button on the questionnaire. You can customize those kinds of buttons.

Text color: This targets almost all the text, be careful with that one ;).

Wait, I pressed the save button but nothing happened?

Yep, you need to log out and log in again for the changes to take effect. You can also see the changes immediately on any link to questionnaires or proposals.

As always, we've tried to make it as simple as possible. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know, we are here to help.

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