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All new account starts with three complete questionnaires that can easily be used to test-drive the app. Follow the steps below to send a preset questionnaire to a real or test client.

Preset Questionnaires

Tell Osmosis your name

We might add the first and last name fields in the signup process in the future, but for now, it is recommended that you go straight to your Settings page and fill the blank. You will have an option to send your questionnaire via Osmosis or send it manually later, and those fields will help if filled properly.

If you send the email via Osmosis, we will take the following item as the emails from name depending on what has been set.

  1. Company name
  2. First and last name
  3. If none are set, “no name specified” will be displayed

Send a design questionnaire in 30 seconds

Return to your questionnaires and pick one of the three preset choices we added for you. For this tutorial, we will use the “Identity/Logo”. Click on the name to edit the questionnaire. We will cover questionnaire management in another tutorial. For now let’s assume that everything is fine as is.

Start by assigning a client to the questionnaire. Simply click the “Assign Client” button, and you will be able to create or pick a client. If your account is fresh, you will only be presented with the option of adding a new client. Add a client of yours, a test client can do the job for now, you can add your own email address to see exactly what the client will receive.

Assign a Client

Everything is ready for your client to start answering questions. Click on the “Send to Client” button. You have two options as mention earlier. If you choose to send your email via Osmosis, the name and email will reflect your Settings, and a link will be appended to the message. The email is then queued and will be delivered in the following minutes.

Send Questionnaire To Client

The manual option simply tags the questionnaire as sent and gives you the unique URL you can communicate to your client.

Sample email sent to your clients

Sample Email

You can pick a sub-domain of Ffor Studio and Agency,, you can have your own domain name (i.e.

You are now able to view the page where all the answers will appear. A new activity will be shown on your activity stream once the client views the questionnaire.

Add your logo

You can quickly add your logo via the Theme page. We will have another tutorial on how to customize the colors to match your branding later. All questionnaires will display your logo before the main title.

You are now ready to create your own questionnaire and get your project started in the right direction.

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