Benefits of Sales Automation

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Information is perhaps the world’s most valuable commodity. When it comes to turning a profit in this fast-paced environment, businesses need to have as much information about their customers as is possible. Fortunately, things have improved with technology.

Sales automation systems make it possible to collect data on every interaction with a customer from start to finish. Businesses can now fine-tune their services by knowing just what responses they received from given questions. They know what works and what does not work.

Here are some ways that automated systems make businesses more profitable.

Knowing Who Has Been Contacted

The first important use of a sales automated system is keeping track of contacts. The system files these potential customers’ information for current and future uses. Expanding the customer base and establishing repeat clients is necessary for any successful business. The system helps create a pool of likely prospects.

Why People Contacted

Automated systems can also store the contacts in target groups. The characteristics that link these contacts can be a means of attracting them to the business.

Knowing the Result of Communications

After communicating with customers, a business needs to know the result.

Was the client satisfied? Did the client respond to a particular advertisement? Was the business able to do what it claimed it could do? These are all considerations that can be stored in the automated system.

Knowing the result of a communication makes it easier to hand work off from the sales team to the operational staff.

Keeping Track of Follow Ups

Likewise, an automated system can inform the correct department of the need to do a follow up. This step is very important because customers who ask questions want them answered.  A business that fails to provide expected or promised information to a customer has failed them. Moreover, it is unprofessional not to follow up after communicating with a someone.  


Some are systems interactive. This means they allow customers to input their needs into the database. This method of data collection is convenient for all parties.

Interactive systems are widespread in the automobile industry, where customers can go online and customize their potential vehicle. Any business can benefit from having people directly place their desires into the system.


Every business needs to advertise. It is difficult to succeed through word of mouth recommendations. Likewise, no business can count on people finding it among a large number of competitors. Thus, at some point almost everyone has to reach prospects through advertising.

The problem is that the direct mail option, preferred up until about five years ago, is no longer viable. The costs are prohibitive. Moreover, people tend to throw away what they perceive as “junk mail.” One solution is email advertising, which is essentially a free option..

An automated system that tracks clients from first contact to resolution of any problems is valuable. Businesses know exactly what type of advertising and wording to use to attract similar clients. By using particular catchwords in the subject headline, a business can help ensure that potential readers will open the email.

Knowing what appeals to these prospects is key. Automated systems are perfect for storing detailed information used to target future clients in this regard.

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