The Cloud Doesn't Just Look Pretty: Making the Most of Information Storage

Ariele Sieling posted this on osmosis-proposify

tree-and-cloudIt's no question that the cloud is probably the most useful invention for freelancers since sliced bread for sandwich makers. There are few problems with using the cloud, and it makes it easy to access your work whether you are sitting in a coffee shop, working on a train, or getting a few things done in your home office.

The key to using the cloud successfully is to have the right software to make your work accessible reliably. Let's start with file storage.

There are a few pieces of software designed for simple file storage. Dropbox is probably the most well-known, but you can also use OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box. Google Drive offers the awesome functionality of being able to co-edit documents and spreadsheets via the drive, while Dropbox has no file size restrictions. OneDrive offers inexpensive additional space options, and Box offers a nice mix of features. You can find more information about each of them in this CNet article.

Fast forward to having all your files organized in your favorite version of cloud storage. Step 1 complete. Step 2 is increasing efficiency.

File storage is just the beginning--there are dozens of other pieces of software that allow you not only store files on the cloud, but access them and work on any device from anywhere in the world, without downloading. The first one I want to mention is Osmosis. Osmosis provides a platform for easy design, access, and revision of proposals and questionnaires through a secure SSL connection. It also offers a clean workstream to help you cut back on a barrage of emails every time something happens in the proposal process.

Keep up with your clients on the go: check in on your workstream, know where they are in the proposal, make a timely call if you want to provide any additional information--even if you're out getting the kids from school, grabbing a few groceries, or traveling. When you get Osmosis, you'll get more clients, more projects, and more time.

The second platform is called Proposify. This proposal software, "streamlines your proposals in the cloud and helps you win more clients." It offers unique features like the ability to change the theme of the dashboard and import pre-written proposals. Most importantly, they offer secure cloud hosting using 128-bit SSL encryption. Access your data anywhere, anytime.

No matter what platforms you choose to access your information, cloud storage is an amazing tool. Increase your freedom, flexibility, and mobility by using the right tools to access the cloud.

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