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Where is the first place most of your leads come from? I would bet that for many creative professionals the answer is "from my website, from my contact form." Putting a giant 25/35 questions long form on your website could scare some potential prospects. We would like to try something at Osmosis, a new little feature that would enable you to save more time, while trying to let you keep your already loved and used flow.

We are looking for some beta testers.

Here is how we would propose the feature, and we hope it will evolve based on early feedback

Step 1: Your website.

You almost certainly already have a contact form on your website, and one that probably require basics information. What if the form from your website would be capable to do the following on your Osmosis account:

  1. Create a new client: Your contact form should at least have the person's name, company and email address.
  2. Create and send a questionnaire: Based on a list, your visitor would be able to pick what kind of questionnaire they want to fill. The source of the list would come from your draft list.
  3. Notify you: You would get an email with all the fields and link to the questionnaire the prospect received.

Step 2: Optionnal options:

While sending the questionnaire's link immediately can appeal to some, we would let you pick only to create the client questionnaire or create and send. That way, you would have a first chance to call the client and maybe send the questionnaire while you are on the phone and walk them over the process of filling the questionnaire.

Step 3: Enjoy.

This is the fun part. You've got a visitor interesting in your services. They fill your contact form, and they've been created with a new questionnaire prepared for them to fill out on your Osmosis account. They complete the process and you are now ready to send a bountiful proposal that they would hopefully accept. Wow isn't that a nice and easy process ;).

Interesting in try this?

Please contact us and we will get you started.

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