9 Branding Questions For Clients

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Gathering client requirements is tough- you need to strike a balance between thoroughness and not overwhelming the client.

Often times, clients also need time to research the information you need to be able to work for them (this is why Osmosis questionnaires are designed to be completed over a period of days or weeks). This is especially true of branding. While large corporate clients typically have a set of style guidelines, smaller companies often need hand-holding to figure out what they need. As such, you approach has to vary depending on who you work with. 

For inspiration on what these guidelines look like, I recently found out about this site, which links you to the style guides for many web brands.

Looking through these, we recommend asking clients for the following:

  1. Sample of logo (preferably vector format or at least large image)
  2. Other image assets (alternate represenations of logos, images for specific product lines, app screenshots, small icons, etc)
  3. Standard Color scheme (if any). This should be provided in an unambiguous fashion if possible, i.e. specific HTML color codes, or similar.
  4. Preferred texttual reference to the product/company (i.e. "Osmosis" vs. "GetOsmosis.com")
  5. Preferred typeface (some style guides have specific restrictions on kerning - I would not expect all clients to have this)
  6. Are there any restrictions for use of assets in offline (print) media?
  7. Are there any restrictions on how image assets can be included in larger pieces (e.g. no background gradients, rotation, color changes)
  8. Standard slogans / company description
  9. In some cases, it may also be helpful to have bios and photos of key employees.

Over time, you should refine these questions, as appropriate to the industry and client type you serve.

If working with a small client who doesn't have these, you may also be able to provide value to the client by developing a style guide for them- this allows a client to produce documents that are consistent and look nice, without having branding expertise. If you do end up developing a style guide for a client, for it to be successful, it should include sample Office document templates, as this will be the most common way these guidelines will be used.


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