Client Questionnaire for Logo Designers

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The ultimate goals of a client questionnaire are a) understand the scope of the project and b) to avoid rounds of revisions. When you create an Osmosis account, you start with three questionnaire templates. One of them is called Identity/Logo. Here are some questions that are part of this built-in questionnaire.

It's Just The First Step

Don't see the questionnaire as a final step in gathering the requirements for the project. You are not forced to use the exact set of questions for every client. Once you've learned more about the needs of a new prospect you may change the base template and add or remove certain questions. Each questionnaire is unique and can be customized to fit the situation.

The answers provided will help you understand in more details the scope of the project and will allow you to design a more precise proposal / work agreement.

The Questions

Logo Project Details

  1. Is this a new company or a re-brand?
  2. What is the scope of this branding project? Select all that apply (additional details can be listed at the bottom of this questionnaire)
    • Logo
    • Stationary
    • Packaging
    • Other printed items
    • Website
  3. When do you need this completed by?

Introduce Your Business

  1. What does your business do?
  2. Summarize the answer above in one short sentence.
  3. What is the overall mood of your company (i.e. playful, serious, ultra-professional)?
  4. If your company/brand was an object what would it be?
  5. Keywords/phrases appropriate to your business.

Brand Qualities

  1. What is the overall message that you wish to portray with your brand?
  2. What should people feel when they see or think of your brand?
  3. Summarize the last two answers above in 5 descriptive keywords.
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Brand Details

  1. Please write the name of your business exactly as it will appear on the logo.
  2. If applicable, please write your tagline exactly as it will appear with the logo.
  3. What type of logo will you be needing?
    • Iconic/Symbolic (Apple/Nike)
    • LogoType/Wordmark (IBM,FedEx)
    • Combination/Emblem (Starbucks,MasterCard)
  4. Where will your logo be used and seen?
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More Sections

We also have some more interactive sections like Inpiration Links, Upload Files, etc

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