Connect Your FreshBooks Account to Osmosis

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This is our first integration, woot! If you are using FreshBooks as your invoicing software, you’ll be happy to know that we are now able to sync your clients and create invoices.

How To Enable The Connectivity?

It’s really easy to connect your FreshBooks account. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Log in and click the Settings tab on the top right.
  2. You will see a new button labeled "Integrations", click it.

This page will list all the available 3rd party apps that you can connect to, for now there is only FreshBooks.

You can click on the “Connect my FreshBooks account” button. A small window will open where you will be able to enter your FreshBooks URL and continue with the authorization process. You’ll be redirected to FreshBooks where you’ll have to sign-in and authorize Osmosis.

Enable FreshBooks Integration

All your clients will be imported after you complete the authorization process.

Wait, There’s More To It

We have added two features that will hopefully help you save more time.

Automatically Sync Your Client From FreshBooks

We can replicate all modifications you do on your FreshBooks clients to your Osmosis account. In other words, if you create a new client on FreshBooks we will create it automatically. Same behavior if you update a client that exists on Osmosis, we will keep your client in sync.

The reverse is also true, if you create a client in Osmosis that do not exists on your FreshBooks account, we will create it just before we create an invoice for that client. So that way, your prospects that filled questionnaires but are not yet clients are not added to your FreshBooks account. Only the clients who accepted a work agreement will be created.

Create One Or Multiple Invoices, It’s Your Choice

This option allows you to have one invoice created per work agreement’s financial section or have one invoice per financial detail’s lines. Here is an example to make this clearer.

On the financial detail section of an agreement, you can set the initial down payment and list all the payments that the client will be required to do.

Depending on your preferences, you can have Osmosis creates only one invoice containing all the financial detail’s lines, or it can also creates one invoice per line.

When The Invoice Is Created?

The invoice or invoice(s), depending on your selected option, will be created once a client accept the work agreement. The invoices created by Osmosis will have a status of ‘draft’, so you will have to review it and send it to your client.

Hope you will enjoy this addition. All the subcription plans can start exchanging data today.

Let us know if you would like us to connect to other 3rd party applications.

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