Creating a Template Proposal

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Osmosis provides both built-in templates, and the ability to create your own. Templates are created using a simplified form of the proposal user interface, that allows you to enter all non-client specific values.

When you make a proposal using a template, the template is copied, allowing you to customize it for an individual client or project as needed.

From the proposal home screen, click 'My Templates' to see and add new templates: 

From here, you can create a template:

When you create the template, you can model it from one of our templates by selecting it in the dropdown.

Make sure to enter a title, because this is how you select it later:

If you have added standard pricing information to your account, it will be automatically inserted into the proposal, without quantities. 

 You can pre-fill as much or as little as you need to save time later - each time you make a new proposal, these values will be copied in.

If you want to include client specific data in the body of the proposal template, you can use replacement variables.

For example, you could start the body of a section of the proposal with something like this:

Dear {client:Name},

When this is sent to the client, the client name will be inserted.

To see a list of available values, type "{". The available values are prefixed by where they come from - me, proposal, and client. The list will filter as you type, so if you want to just see the attributes of clients, type {client.

If you have image files, you can also upload and resize them within the text editing window. If you are starting from a Microsoft Word document, you can copy the image from Word and paste in the text editor.

The last screen allows you to set additional workflow actions that occur when a proposal is accepted or declined by clients. For instance, you can email a questionnaire, send the PDF to an email list, or publish it to your DropBox account.

Now that you've created the template, it will be available the next time you create a new proposal:


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