Announcing Dropbox Integration

Osmosis Support posted this on product-updates
Osmosis now supports integration with Dropbox.

This allows you to automatically back-up questionnaires and agreements as soon as they are available.

Osmosis also automatically saves file assets that your clients upload through Osmosis - this lets you provide a professional interface for your clients, while getting out of the way of you or your employees when they need to work.

To help with organization, Osmosis creates folders for each client and document type:

To enable this feature today, you need simply go to the integrations settings, and connect your Osmosis and Dropbox accounts:

To protect your security, Osmosis requests only the minimum permission level allowed by Dropbox. This allows us to upload documents to a private application folder - we only read and write to this location. Osmosis stores a token to connect to Dropbox, so we never see your password - this token can be revoked from either product.

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