Earn More Money via Your Client Questionnaires

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Our client questionnaires are a great way to get the project requirements clearly defined. However, you might also have a possibility to increase your revenue per project. Does that sounds interesting?

Sure thing, who would not want to get more money!

Here we show you two sales tactics that you can test on your questionnaires.

Upsell additional services

Even though your client requested a website design, a logo or copyrighting project, they might not be aware that you can also deliver x, y and z services. While your questionnaires should always focus on the main project requested, you can certainly have a section where you offer more options to the client.

This is a good way to promote your services. You already have all the attention of the client. They are filling their questionnaire. They want to be as clear as possible. And finally they have more options to make sure their project includes everything they need to look professional. Just help them make sure they do not forget any important aspects.

Here’s a concrete example.

Client ABC contacted you via your website regarding their redesign project. After a phone call with the prospect, you pick your Website redesign draft questionnaire and create a new one for them.

Let’s add some extra options.

You can create a section called “Additional Options” and have the following checkboxes representing additional services of yours.

  • Redesign our Twitter page.
  • Redesign our Facebook page.
  • Create a media kit based on the new design.

Those additional options can also have a price that indicate to the client it’s not included free of charge. You can see a demo questionnaire by clicking here.

Isn't that amazing?

You might think this is subtle and have doubt about the conversion. But I stress the importance of testing this tactic. You lose nothing if they don’t pick any additional services. On the other side, if they choose some more services, that mean more money for you. Also this mean that the client will get a more complete package and is likely to be more satisfied.

It will take you one minute to add those sections to your draft questionnaires. Try it right now.

Offering services via partnership

You might also use that additional questionnaire section and try to push more services to the clients. Services that you don’t offer yourself.

Maybe you have forged trustful partnership with a freelancer whose services complete yours. You both agree to cross sell your services.

You’ve got to be careful with this though.

Deadline: Make sure that the other freelancer will be able to complete their part in time, because it’s your client and your reputation that are on the line.

Quality of work: Ensure that the other freelancer deliver high quality work.

Another option would be to connect your client and the other freelancer once you’ve completed the project. You might also have to connect both of them before you start your work. Depending when in the project the other services needs to be completed.

That way you can earn some referral fees from the other freelancer and you do not take full responsibility for their work. You have to evaluate the benefits and risk involved with both scenario.


If you are not using client questionnaires yet I would urge you to try it out. We offer a 14-day free trial. As you can see, you might get more money per project and of course get all the facts your need to complete those projects.

Having additional services opt-in via the questionnaire will make your proposals / work agreements more precise and in line with what’s the client have in mind. Hopefully this will also help increase your winning chances.

Let me know your thoughts.

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