Introducing Our New Feature: Work Agreements

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We’re very excited to announce this huge addition. You now have an easy and quick way to create work agreements / contracts between your clients and you. Don’t rely only on verbal or email agreements. Have a concise and clear contract that protects both parties.

You can also link a completed questionnaire to an agreement. Linking those two documents together will allow you to view every information gathered for the project so far.

What Can I Include in a Work Agreement?

In general, the following section could be enough for a good contract:

Work to be completed

You can describe the kind of work you will be performing for this project. This could include the different phases of a project, the type of work and size.

What the client needs to supply

If you need some assets from the client like existing logo and photos, content, etc. Specified them here.

Schedule and Fees

This section is an important one. You might want to focus on describing benefits for your client instead of naming item vaguely. You could say, “Increase your conversion rates with a new design” instead of saying, “Redesign of the website”.

You can add time estimates and percentage of the total costs to be paid at that phase.

Copyright Use

Be clear on when exactly the client is the owner of the deliverable. Be specific for situation like cancellation and what the client is allowed to do in terms of future modifications.


Outline your terms and conditions in this section.


Ideally your client and you should sign this document so it would be recognized as a contract.

Easily Reuse a Previous Agreement

Work agreements are similar to our questionnaire section in lots of ways. One of them is the ability to duplicate an existing agreement for a brand-new client. By simply clicking the duplicate icon you will have a complete agreement almost ready to be sent to the client.

You may also save often used content blocks to your library. The “Terms and Conditions” section are a good example of section that should not be changed much from clients to clients. You may also have two or three versions of a section for different project types.

Accepting or Declining

Once you’ve sent an agreement to a client they will have the option to accept or decline the contract. You will receive an email as soon as the verdict is made.

There is also a new series of activity types available on your activity stream. Actions are logged when your client opens the agreement, accept or decline. Also when you or a team member create and send an agreement.

Depending on requests, we are reviewing the fact to add discussions to the bottom of an agreement. That would allow both parties to come to an agreement by changing some parts of the contract. Important discussions like these should be kept with the contract itself and not being lost in your emails.

What's Next

We are still working hard on adding interesting small goodness like electronic signature, financial details' table and sync with third party invoicing software like FreshBooks.More…Fresh Books.

Your feedback are extremely important to us, do not hesitate to visit the help section and post your suggestions.

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