Organizing Questions in Osmosis Questionnaires

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While Osmosis provides sample questionnaires, they do not work for every industry or situation. Quite likely your client intake process involves talking to a customer, asking them some questions to qualify what they need, then initiating a project.

Osmosis provides you a few tools to organize this process while giving you the flexibility required for more varied projects.

Questionnaires are organized into ‘sections’, which are logical groupings of questions. You can access the section list from the questionnaire home page:

The section list shows you the question groups you currently have, along with a preview of these questions:

This allows you to standardize what contact information you collect, as well as refine project requirements gathering over time. When you do project post-mortems, you can use the lessons learned to feed back into future projects.

You can also create questionnaire sections to test a client’s interest in upsells – if you qualified a lead over the phone for a web development project, they might also be a good fit for an SEO campaign, and thus you’d add SEO qualification questions to their questionnaire.

If you have an existing questionnaire template, you can import the contents into the system using the ‘Bulk Add’ button, available while editing a section:

When viewing a list of sections or questionnaires, Osmosis provides a series of icons to modify the item. These are edit, duplicate, and delete, respectively:

In addition, Osmosis maintains a list of every question you’ve ever asked a client. To find these, click ‘Existing question’ on the section editing page. In the screen that comes up, you can type to search for the question:

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