Sending Your First Questionnaire

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Log into your account, and select “Questionnaires” from the top menu:

Select the “New Questionnaire” button from the upper right hand side of the screen:

You will be presented with a screen where you can name the new questionnaire and specific instructions for your clients. The client instructions support rich text formatting, so you can add links and emphasis. From this screen you can also enable electronic signatures.

After you press continue, you will be directed to the following screen, where you can add client information and add questions.

Since this is our first questionnaire, we need to add question content to the system. Hover over the word ‘Sections’, and a plus sign appears:

Click it, and you will be prompted to name the questionnaire section:

Click ‘Add’ and you will arrive on a screen where you can add questions. Hit ‘New question’ twice.

Each question supports various forms of response. These are as follows:

Input: Single Line Text

Text Area: Multi-line text

Drop Down: Pick list of values (select only one)

Radio Button: Many options in a grid (pick only one)

Checkbox: Many options in a grid (pick many of them)

Date: Shows a calendar selection box

File: Allows end users to upload files

Inspiration: Allows users to send you a list of links to websites they like

Similar to creating the questionnaire description, you can use rich-text formatting for each option on this screen.

From this screen, select ‘Save’, then select ‘Back’.

Note that your new question list is checked – this set of questions will now be available for re-use on future questionnaires. 

Click “Assign a Client.” Since this is your first client questionnaire, add information below to send it to someone (you ca use or your own email for testing):

This information will be saved – if you need to send the client information in the future, you can select ‘Pick an existing client’ instead. Once you enter the client’s contact information, select ‘Assign’.

On the main questionnaire screen, select ‘Send to Client’.

You will be prompted to enter an email message. Enter a message for the client:

That’s it – you need simply wait for your client to complete the questionnaire.

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