Sharing a Project with a Client

Osmosis Support posted this on projects

On the project home page, select ‘Share Project with contact(s)’:

You will be presented with the following screen.

There are two way to save a project with a client. All members have an access code (visible on the client's page), you may email them directly to each contact with your Osmosis URL. They can log-in with their email address and that access code.

Or we can send an email for you to each contact with the correct URL, email and access code. The message is similar to the following:

Hi {contact first name}:

We've shared the project: {project name} with you.

You will be able to discuss with us during the production phase. You'll be able comment and approve the deliverable while we are creating it.

You can access the project with the following link:

{link to your Osmosis login page}

Email: {contact's email}

Code: {contact's access code}


{your name}

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