Small Business Automation

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Do you own or work for a small business? If so, you know that you wear many hats, and on a given day you deal with IT issues, bookkeeping, customer service, responding to new leads, and many other tasks.

When you work with customers, quick and helpful responses are key to landing new sales.

Do you worry that you have so many problems going on that you'll lose track of that important email or phone call?

In about five minutes, Osmosis can save you time and give you peace of mind.

Whenever someone contacts you for consulting work, do the relationships begin with a brief note, which only give you a vague idea what the customer wants? Through my blog as a software developer, I frequently receive requests for customizations of proof-of-concept projects I've built, but I struggle to respond to vaguely written emails.

As a consultant, you likely receive many contacts from time-wasters - whether they are contract developers who want you to do their job, or recruiters who want you to be on their bench, so they can collect a commission on you.

When a new lead contacts you, It's important to respond quickly to move them into the sales pipeline, and to quickly remove time-wasters.

To run the Osmosis product, we use our API to send new leads a simple questionnaire immediately.

But, I hear you saying you don't know how to write code... That's ok! You can embed Osmosis forms in your website:

If someone can't be bothered to fill out a few simple questions, they likely aren't a good quality lead.

Now, say someone is a perfect lead, and has great responses to your qualification questions? How do you go about responding right away?

As soon as the lead completes your qualification questions, you'll get an email with a printable PDF copy of the completed questionnaire.

But I hear you saying...I thought Osmosis was supposed to help me avoid getting bogged down in email threads!? Never fear... you can also hook Dropbox and Osmosis together. All of your Osmosis documents are organized in Dropbox by client, so you never have to go searching for a lost document again!

The best part is, as soon as the client completes a questionnaire, you'll receive a Dropbox notification:

With me so far?

Let's say you're ready to proceed with this client. You have a phone call to hash out some details and they want to hire you, but you want them to sign your Terms and Conditions first... Osmosis lets you do that too!

If You've gone this far with a client, you probably need to gather more detailed requirements. Fortunately, you do this type of project all the time, and you have sets of questions you like to ask... Osmosis has these stored, and you can quickly select the parts of the questionnaire you want to re-use.

Your client does some research on their side, working through the answers over a week or two... as they fill out sections of the questionnaire, you see their responses and start working on your bid.

To close this deal, you need to get the client to sign your proposal.

Fortunately we live in the digital age, where we no longer have to mail expensive packets of information, hoping to eventually get some response... in this age, you can write a proposal that includes pictures and videos, email it to a client, and have them e-sign the document immediately.

But you say, my clients still take forever to sign and return things...and it's causing me a lot of anxiety. Are they angry I charged too much?! Are they on vacation? Are they just playing a waiting game with me? 

Well rest assured, Osmosis shows you whether a person has viewed your proposal and how long they spent in each section.

Not only that, Osmosis shows you whether they are viewing from their phone, and whether they are viewing your proposals from a hotel while you know that instead of blowing you off, they are so excited to start they are reading the proposal while on vacation.

So, if you're interested to make your consulting life simpler and pain-free, select below to set up a trial of Osmosis today!

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