Using E-Signatures in Questionnaires

Osmosis Support posted this on questionnaires

If you are at the ‘team’ level or higher, your clients can e-sign questionnaires.

To configure this feature, go to the settings page and select ‘Questionnaires’. You will see the following screen:

This allows you to specify a legal agreement for the client to sign off on. When a new questionnaire is created, Osmosis uses this text for the questionnaire – subsequent changes will not affect old questionnaires, as that would invalidate the signatures. Note that if you re-open a questionnaire for a client, they will need to re-sign the document, as any changes would also invalidate the signature.

When you create the questionnaire, click the toggle button to enable the signature block:

When the client signs the questionnaire, they will see a signature block, which they can fill in by using their mouse, stylus, or with their finger on a touch screen:

The final signature and legal text will be included in the final PDF that Osmosis creates.

Upon completion, this document will be emailed to you. Optionally it can be uploaded to cloud storage (see the chapter on integrations). In addition, team accounts can have completed questionnaires sent to a mailing list (see the above settings panel). This allows you to get your team working immediately when an order arrives.

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