Using ProWorkflow with Osmosis

Osmosis Support posted this on integrations

Osmosis now supports integration with ProWorkflow. When proposals are complete, Osmosis can copy contact information, create a project, and create invoices ready to send the client.

To set this up, you can go to your integrations page:

ProWorkflow Integratons page

Select the "Connect to ProWorkflow" button:

Enter your connection details for ProWorkflow:

ProWorkflow Connection Details

This will verify that your credentials are correct, after which you will see this success message:

ProWorkflow Successfully Connected

Once a client signs a proposal, Osmosis will then automatically sync the client's details, creating an invoice for the proposal:

ProWorkflow Invoice from Osmosis CRM

Osmosis will also create a project for you, so you can get started right away:

ProWorkflow Project with Osmosis CRM

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