Using Zapier with Osmosis

Osmosis Support posted this on integrations

Zapier allows you to connect Osmosis to hundreds of other applications, triggering events within Osmosis when business events happen, or triggering events in your other applications when events happen in Osmosis.

Osmosis allows you to automatically create new clients, create and send questionnaires as the action of a trigger.

In addition, you can trigger events in other products when a new client is added to Osmosis, or when an agreement is signed.

To use Zapier, log into Zapier (or create a new account)

Select ‘Make a new Zap’:

Search for ‘Osmosis’ in the trigger or action list:

Once you select this, you can choose an action:

Click ‘Continue’.

You will then be prompted to connect your account:

You will be prompted to enter an API key:

Your account’s API key is visible in your account settings:

Paste this API key into Zapier and select ‘Continue’.

Complete the wizard as appropriate and select ‘Continue’ to complete the trigger configuration.

At the end, set a name and enable the Zap:


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