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How to import your Microsoft Word proposal into Osmosis

Are you creating your proposals using this method: Copy, paste and edit new proposal? There’s a better way. I had a Skype call with a customer recently where I was showing how they could import their Microsoft Word © proposal and create reusable template into Osmosis. I admit I did not used MS Word that much in the last 6-7 years, being a huge fan of Google Docs, I simply had no needs to...

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New Integration: Highrise by 37Signals

We are proud to announce our new integration addition, Highrise from 37Signals. Having your contacts and most importantly your prospects ready to receive your questionnaires will help you save some more typing. Connecting your Highrise account to Osmosis This is extremely quick and simple to connect your Highrise account. Here's how you would do that.

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Integration with Harvest

One of the greatest advantages of web application is system integration. Not having to re-type data that you've already typed from another web app can be a real time saver. Today, I'm proud to reveal our brand-new 3rd party integration, Harvest. Getting your existing clients and contacts It's hard to start using a fresh software when there's no data.

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Full CSS Customization on Proposals

Ho yeah! We are like that. Customization is a key aspect for product that generates documents, especially targeted at the creative professionals, like you. Adding your logo to your client questionnaires and proposals is one thing and customizing the entire theme of the app itself is also available. Nevertheless, for the work agreement, we've decided to let you play directly with the CSS.

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Create FreshBooks invoice from your proposals

One great thing about all those web app integrations is that you can save time while systems exchange data instead of forcing you to type and create entities from one place to another. Osmosis can create invoices for you straight into your FreshBooks account based on the information you've added on your proposals. Here are the complete steps with screenshots on how you would enable this.

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Add your logo to your client questionnaires

With Osmosis you can customize the entire app to fit your brand, not just upload your logo. Now what's that mean? To start you can add your own logo to be shown on your questionnaires and work agreements. Moreover, you can set different colors that will completely change the client views of your documents. How to do it? Once logged in, click on the Theme tab on the top right.

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