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Earn More Money via Your Client Questionnaires

Our client questionnaires are a great way to get the project requirements clearly defined. However, you might also have a possibility to increase your revenue per project. Does that sounds interesting? Sure thing, who would not want to get more money! Here we show you two sales tactics that you can test on your questionnaires.

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Top 18 Answered Questions Across our Designer's Questionnaires

I was curious to see what kind of questions were the most answered across all our accounts. Having a great client questionnaire will help you get the requirements you need for your projects. Making sure you get answers for your questions is the way to go to have success. A half filled questionnaire is not as useful as an 80% filled one. Here it is, the Osmosis top 18 most answered questions: 1.

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Client Questionnaire for Logo Designers

The ultimate goals of a client questionnaire are a) understand the scope of the project and b) to avoid rounds of revisions. When you create an Osmosis account, you start with three questionnaire templates. One of them is called Identity/Logo . Here are some questions that are part of this built-in questionnaire.

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For Those Clients Who Don't Have Time to Fill Questionnaires

This morning I’ve red this article “How to Extract the Facts with a Web Design Client Questionnaire” and was inspired by the comments. The benefits of having questionnaires before presenting any forms of proposals or estimates to a prospective client was not in question. What if your prospect says they cannot take time to fill a questionnaire that would help you better understand their project.

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Using Questionnaire for Your Client Intake Process

Would that be a perfect world if your clients and you could be on the same page at the start of your design projects? Using questionnaires for your client intake process allows you to cut the start times in half. You will look extremely organized and professional. That first impression is important.

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