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Lessons Learned From Lead Scoring

As more of a micropreneur and software developer than a salesman, I've been reading everything about software sales I can get my hands on. I recently stumbled across the concept of lead scoring; this is a technique where you establish a mechanism to assign numeric values to potential customers, which aims to estimate how likely they are to purchase.

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How to Write a Project Proposal

Many people find writing proposals daunting and tedious, but in any project based profession, you will be called on from time to time to help with estimates. Understanding the goal of this exercise helps us communicate with clients and close deals, which leads to getting paid. It’s also the time to establish ground rules for a project - a little creativity can go a long way to ensuring your...

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Communicating Artistic Themes with Clients

One of the big challenges of client communication is working with people whose area of expertise differs from yours. The people you work with know their own business (hopefully), but in many cases need to be educated on how to communicate what they need. With projects in the arts, such as graphic design, this presents a level of subjectivity, when trying to communicate a mood or feel, but...

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8 Ways to Prime Old Clients for New Business

In the active online market, there are many people competing for new projects. If you have a solid client base, it’s often easier to get new work from existing clients than to establish new relationships. It can be valuable to establish a habit of occasional light contact with them to remind them that you exist.

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11 Ways to Improve Communication with Non-Technical Users

People who work in technical professions often find client communication challenging. If you have detailed knowledge of a particular field, you have to find ways to translate your understanding into terms a client understands. While this is challenging, it is also rewarding, as end users provide great insight into bigger picture issues.

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