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Marketing Yourself: Tips For Freelancers

The first thing I would like to say is that marketing yourself is hard. Unless, of course, you're egomaniacal, in which case you probably don't think of marketing as "marketing" as much as "telling the truth about myself." But if you're trying to build up a successful freelancing business, marketing is critical.

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How To Set Goals For Your Freelancing Business

We all have some kind of goal, right? Maybe the goal is to make more money (yes!) or to get more clients or to have enough work to keep us busy for at least 40 hours a week. But while these are certainly all things to strive for, they aren't actually goals, and they aren't necessarily achievable. Let me start off by saying--you can make your goals whatever you want, and no one has the right to...

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7 Ways To Stay Motivated When Freelancing Gets Rough

Freelancing is not an easy vocation (I say, as I sit on my deck with a glass of ice water in the warm spring sun), though it has its perks. Sometimes, there is a ton of work or just the right amount, your bank account is flush, and you love what you're doing. Other times, you're eating Ramen every meal, couch diving for pennies, and practically begging clients to either give you work or pay...

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4 Reasons To Rent An Office As A Freelancer

Sometimes as a freelancer, money is tight. And if you've got a nice little corner in your living room or basement set up with a desk and a printer, an office might seem like an unnecessary expense. But I assure you--if you can afford it, do it. I recently rented my first office space, just a few minutes walk from my 500 square foot home.

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6 Reasons To Say "No" to A Client

Saying no can be extremely difficult, especially when you're running your own business. Why? Because you want your clients to keep coming back. You don't want to lose business. You need money. You want good referrals. But saying "No"is sometimes necessary, both for your psychological well-being, and for the client.

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