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What Your Clients See: Questionnaires

When a questionnaire has been sent to a client, you can obtain the client view URL by accessing the questionnaire page within Osmosis. The URL displayed beneath the title bar is clickable, and allows you to access the questionnaire from a client’s perspective. From there, you will see the questionnaire in answer mode.

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Finding a Direct Link to an Open Questionnaire

Osmosis allows you to get a link to the client view of an in-process questionnaire. To do this, navigate to the ‘Answers’ view of the questionnaire. The link will be directly below the questionnaire title. You can use this link to see a questionnaire as your client would see it, or to email them a link.

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Viewing In-Progress Questionnaire Answers

When a client works to complete a questionnaire, their answers are saved as they work, so that no data is lost. In addition, Osmosis provides a ‘Save Now’ button for clients, as continual saving is not natural for some users. When the results are saved, they are immediately visible to you in the ‘Answers’ view of the questionnaire, regardless of whether the user has...

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Previewing a Questionnaire

Draft questionnaires allow you to preview a questionnaire as a client will see it. To do so, click ‘Preview’ in the upper right. This will take you to a view of the questionnaire, showing your logo if it has been uploaded.

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Rearranging Sections and Questions within Questionnaires

From the Questionnaire page, you can re-arrange questionnaire sections by clicking ‘Move’, then using drag and drop to change the order. Similarly within a section of the questionnaire you can click ‘Move’ to re-order questions.

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Re-opening Completed Questionnaires

When a client fills out a questionnaire, they occasionally press “I’m finished” by accident. When this happens, Osmosis allows you to re-open the questionnaire on their behalf. To do this, navigate to the questionnaires page and select ‘Completed’ to view the completed questionnaire list.

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