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What your Clients See: Proposals

Much like questionnaires, proposals have an administration screen which allows you to see the URL to the client view of the document. When the client selects to view one of these, they will be presented with a read-only view of the document. This allows them to download a PDF and click through proposal sections on the right hand side.

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Customizing Emails Sent to Clients

To customize emails that Osmosis sends, go to your account settings and select ‘Email’. This will allow you to edit the emails Osmosis sends, using template variables and rich text.

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Adding Proposal Content From Your Library

To add existing library content to your proposal, select the ‘Add from Library’ option. This will open a window which shows existing proposal content.  

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Saving Proposal Content to Your Library

To save proposal content to your library after writing it, select the ‘Add to library’ option in the proposal editor.  

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Duplicating Existing Proposals

Osmosis provides an option to duplicate an existing proposal. To do so, hover over the proposal title, and click the provided option.

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Determining if a Client Viewed a Proposal

Go to the ‘Completed Proposals’ section, and find the proposal you’re interested in. Click on the link to view its history. This shows a history of when, where, and how the proposal was viewed. On the right hand side, you can see how many times the proposal was viewed, and how many times each section was viewed, as well as the time spent on the entire document and each section.

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