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What your Clients See: Projects

Select “Share Project with Contacts” in the project. This will send an email to your clients, which allows them to view the project. When the client logs in this way, they will see a login page with your logo. The client can log in with the email address and secret code provided. Once the user logs in, they will see a list of projects you’ve shared with them.

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Adding Deliverables to a Project

If you’d like to upload a deliverable to a client, hover over ‘Proof’ and select the ‘+’. You can name the deliverable and select a version and type (image, document, or archive). After selecting ‘Upload the file,’ it will be available to clients. Click 'Upload the file'.

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Adding Assets to a Project

A client can upload assets (images, and so on). From the project page, hover over the word ‘Assets’, and select ‘+’. From the file upload screen, you can give the file a name, type, and version. After selecting ‘Upload the file’, you will return to the project page.

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Adding Inspiration Links to a Project

Your client can add relevant inspiration links to a project. To add a link, hover over ‘Inspiration’, click the ‘+’ sign, and fill in the form.  

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Granting Access to Projects to Client Representatives:

On the project home page, hover over ‘Contacts’, and click the ‘+’ sign to add a new contact. Enter the client’s name and contact information, then click Save. After adding the contact, this will allow you to contact all attached contacts when the project is updated.

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Sharing a Project with a Client

On the project home page, select ‘Share Project with contact(s)’. You will be presented with the following screen. There are two way to save a project with a client. All members have an access code (visible on the client's page), you may email them directly to each contact with your Osmosis URL. They can log-in with their email address and that access code.

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